What to Know About The ‘Buddy-Truck’ That Taught Me How To Treat An Epidemic

The Buddy-Trucks of today are a thing of the past, and in a few years, their day will come to an end.

The ride-sharing services have been struggling to survive in a market where demand for private vehicles is skyrocketing, but the cars have become a cornerstone of the private vehicle ecosystem.

Now, some of those companies are looking to revive the Buddy-Trailer brand, which had been on the ropes in the early years of the new century.

In an effort to keep its reputation alive, the company is planning to revive its namesake car, a small SUV that’s a nod to Buddy’s classic cars from the ’70s.

The new vehicle will be called the Buddy Trucks Classic, and it will be sold through a new dealership in Austin, Texas.

The company also is going to sell the current-generation model of the Buddy Truck as a replacement, and will also sell the existing model as a “backup.”

The company says it plans to produce up to 50,000 of the old-school vehicles a year.

“The goal is to get our cars into as many places as we can, but to be honest, we want to build a fleet that can be in service for as long as possible,” Buddy CEO Mark Pincus said in a statement.

“We want to be a brand that is around as long, in many ways, as possible.”

The new car will have a six-speed manual transmission, but there will be no manual.

Pincuses plans to offer all-wheel drive as well as autonomous driving.

The Buddy Truck is going into service in 2021, with an estimated lifespan of 10 years.