RNC calls for $100 million in advertising in 2020 to win back voters

The Republican National Committee is calling for a $100-million ad buy in 2020, after months of criticism that the party did not spend enough to turn out voters in battleground states.

The RNC is asking for ads from national brands, and from smaller and medium-size companies.

It also is asking to get a better handle on targeting and targeting by voters.

It wants to target a broader swath of voters, including independents and women, who could help Trump in 2020 and beyond.

“The RNC will work with a wide range of local and regional vendors and will focus on getting local communities to turn to our digital and social platforms in a way that allows them to directly engage with their elected officials,” RNC communications director Jessica Schulman said in a statement.

Democrats have long complained about the RNC’s lack of political outreach.

The party spent $100.5 million in the last cycle on national advertising, far short of what it would have needed to win the presidency.

Republicans spent $3.7 billion in the 2016 cycle, well below what the RNC wanted to spend.

The RNC said the ad buy was a result of the “unprecedented” success of the party’s voter mobilization efforts in 2016.

It said it would continue to support and expand those efforts in the future.

Democratic candidates, who are trying to win over more voters, are also expected to make the ad buys, as they have been in the past.

The RNC has also tried to engage in voter education, by highlighting the party is “more than a political party.”

The RNC’s spending in the 2020 cycle comes at a time when the party has been under fire for not spending enough on advertising.

It has faced criticism for spending too little on ads, and not enough on the field operation.

In February, the RNC said it had spent $2.5 billion on advertising since the 2016 election.

It had already spent more than $2 billion by the time Trump won the election.

Trump has repeatedly called out the RNC for its lack of spending.

Trump, who has repeatedly slammed the RNC, recently called for the RNC to invest in ads and spend more on social media.

“I will ask for $5 billion in ad dollars,” Trump told Fox News last month.