When Pa Consulting and NERA Consulting join forces

Pa Consulting is a global consulting firm with offices in London, Shanghai, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Its clients are diverse industries ranging from financial services, insurance, healthcare, food and beverage and energy.

It also helps companies to improve their online presence.

The company was founded in 1988.

NERA Consulting was founded by former Microsoft executive John Nervan.

It provides online and offline consulting services for large corporations.

NERAs online presence includes its online platform for managing business processes, managing customer loyalty, and improving online reputation and brand.

It is also part of the Microsoft Group.

Nervans new company has plans to increase its online presence to more than 1 million customers globally by 2020.

The NERAS platform will be a key part of Pa’s global strategy for 2020, according to Pa.com.

Its aim is to provide services to clients with a wide range of business processes and to ensure their business is managed on the right terms, Nervanes boss, Richard Foulkes, told the BBC.

Pa is also a founding member of the Startup India Accelerator and is working on an accelerator programme in the UK.

Nervanes first partnership with Pa took place in December, when the company hired Pa’s online marketing expert John Nervelli as a senior advisor.

Nervellis previous clients included Coca-Cola, the Royal Bank of Scotland, General Motors and other companies.

He also advises the US-based Nervane Group, a consultancy group which focuses on digital marketing, online sales, online marketing strategy and more.