Lactation consultants earn more than $100K

Nursing care professionals can earn a lot of money doing a variety of things including lactation, according to new data.

The new data comes from an analysis of data from Accenture, a financial services company, that is based on data from the Nursing Care Professionals Network (NCP).

This information is part of an effort by Accenture to get better data on the health care workforce.

“The NCP data has been growing for some time, and we thought that it was important to make sure we collected as much as we could,” says Julie Rupprecht, chief data officer for Accenture.

She added that the data was compiled from nursing and allied health professionals who work in a variety “care settings.”

Accenture says it has collected data on nursing and related health care jobs since 2004, and has a database that includes nursing and nursing related occupations.

It also has a data collection tool called the Nursing and Related Occupational Employment Statistics (RNASH).

The data shows that the median hourly wage for nursing and associated health care professionals is $80,639, and that their average annual pay is $96,947.

The median annual salary of RNASH members is $105,814.

The average salary of nursing and other allied health care workers is $102,824.

“These are really strong figures for the industry and it underscores the demand for care in the workforce,” says Sara Pugh, chief research officer at Accenture and a professor at Indiana University.

She notes that these figures are only for the most popular types of jobs.

She also notes that the highest-paid occupations in nursing are not only in nursing but also in related occupations like orthopedics and gynecology.

The data comes out every three years.

It was based on the latest data available at the end of January and includes information on occupations, hourly wages, and annual pay.

Ruppres says that these data are based on an analysis that uses the latest numbers available for the time period.

“If we’re going to have any hope of understanding the health and economic situation of the workforce, it’s going to take more data on different types of occupations,” she says.

“So, we’re hoping to have more than one year of data available.

We’re hoping that the new data will allow us to get that data and make some sense of it.”

The new statistics show that the nursing and health care profession has an average annual income of $103,624, and a median annual income between $98,828 and $103.5 million.

“We think that these are good figures that should help inform the workforce discussion and debate as we move forward,” says Rupprem.

The latest data show that while the industry’s median hourly pay is about $95,000, it is much higher for more than a dozen occupations.

“Those are some really good numbers that should be of great interest to policymakers and the private sector,” says Pugh.

The information from Accenture comes on the heels of the latest NCP study that found that nurses and allied healthcare workers earn more money than any other job in the country.

The NCP is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that works to promote and educate on nursing care and related issues.

It provides training and support to healthcare professionals and health professionals in all areas of the nursing workforce.