Dental consultation in Colorado begins, but will it be free?


— Dental health care is a major issue for Americans and a key part of the federal budget.

But that’s not the only problem, according to the nation’s largest health insurance provider.

It said it plans to launch a free consultation in California beginning Friday, and plans to charge the same fee for the same service across the state.

The health insurer said it will cover the cost of dental care, including crowns, implants and dental fillings.

There are a total of about 7.5 million Americans who are covered by the ACA, or the health care law passed in 2010.

However, a state like California, where the number of uninsured is at a record high, has a population that is expected to grow, the insurer said.

“The cost of treatment is a concern for many, and this is a critical issue for all Americans, including the uninsured,” the Kaiser Family Foundation said in a statement.

Kaiser said it’s “actively working with partners across the country to address this pressing need.”

The state of California’s uninsured rate is projected to hit 19.5 percent in 2020, the state’s latest health care statistics show.

California also has a $20 billion-plus budget hole.

It has $1.5 billion in unpaid bills for the ACA-compliant plans and a $10 billion hole in its rainy day fund.