When it comes to facial hair, Scottsdale, AZ has the most people interested in it

With the annual winter season kicking off just over a month away, there’s no shortage of people who are interested in taking a look at the growing trend of facial hair in the U.S.

Scottsdale has long been known for its hot, tropical climate and is often dubbed “The Face of Arizona” due to its vibrant, naturalistic style.

But in the last decade or so, the region has seen a surge in people choosing to cut their hair.

The trend has even spread to Arizona’s other large cities, as well.

The City of Mesa has seen more than 60 percent of its population of 1.2 million choose to grow their hair out, and the Phoenix area’s other largest city, Chandler, saw more than 30 percent of the population of 3.5 million grow their facial hair.

There are more than 1.3 million people living in ScottsDates cities, with more than 600,000 in Chandler alone, according to the University of Arizona.

ScotdsDates population has also seen a rapid increase in population in recent years.

The city now has more people than the next two largest metro areas combined, according, with nearly 2.2 percent of Phoenix’s population.

That makes it the most populated city in the nation.

A total of 3,400 people have requested an emergency shelter from Phoenix emergency responders in the past month alone, and many of those cases involve people with facial hair or those who are having difficulty finding shelter.

In recent years, Phoenix has seen the rise in the number of people opting for cut facial hair to make up for a loss of facial piercings.

While the number has slowed slightly in recent months, there are still more people wanting to go the extra mile to grow the look, which has been dubbed “the facial hair revolution.”

In fact, the trend has been so strong that the Scotts Dates Police Department has recently issued guidelines to help people who want to grow facial hair safely.

They recommend that people should wear face coverings, and that it is okay to take a photo with your own facial hair and wear it for “a little bit of fun.”

Phoenix has been a hotbed for facial hair growth in recent decades, but now the trend is spreading to the city’s smaller cities and even outside of it.

In ScottsPhoenix, there is a growing number of men who want facial hair transplants and have become very interested in becoming facial hair transplant surgeons.

Many of these men are older men with facial tattoos and piercements who don’t want to get any more of the tattoos or piercisions removed.

One Scottsdales man, James, who goes by “Jim,” has been the center of attention for his beard since it first became apparent in 2008.

Jim has spent the last two decades trying to grow his beard out, which he says is an extreme, but necessary step.

In order to get rid of the beard, he says he had to have it removed and it became a big deal for him.

He said the decision to remove his beard was a huge deal for the ScotdsDales area.

Jim told ESPN that he grew up in Scotdsdale and had an average height of 5-foot-10.

He said that growing a beard is not an easy thing to do, but that he chose it because it was the only way he could get a chance to play sports in Arizona.

“It was very hard to go through college without it, so it was kind of a hard choice to go and get a facial,” Jim said.

“You can’t get any facial hair if you can’t grow a beard.”

Jim told me he had been to a number of doctors to have his facial hair cut and they all said the process was going to take at least a year, but he didn’t think it would take that long.

Jim said that when his beard came off, it took about three to four weeks for his facial growth to occur.

“You’ve got to do the process slowly,” Jim told me.

“I had to do it over a couple of months.”

Jim said the procedure is not the most effective, but it is a viable option for some people.

He has had some success with the facial hair he has grown.

Jim also said that the facial tattoo is very important to him and that he wanted to get a tattoo that showed his commitment to his facial appearance.

“I wanted to make sure that I was wearing the tattoo, that I had the facial tattoos,” Jim explained.

“It’s very important that I’m wearing them.”

Jim has been able to go to the ScotysDates Police and Fire Departments to get the tattoos removed.

Jim said that he has not had any problems with the tattoo removal process, and he said that it’s very difficult to get in a room full of people, so they have always had to provide extra security