“Bowman Consulting” founder and CEO: “You don’t hire people that are going to be your employees”

Former Bowman Consulting CEO Mark Bowman was interviewed on CNBC on Wednesday by “Squawk Box” host Chris Hayes, who asked him about the company’s struggles to attract employees and their reliance on “free” labor to fill its hiring needs.

The interview, which aired on CNBC’s “Squeeze,” was the first since Bowman left the company in September 2017, citing health issues.

Bowman responded to Hayes’ question with, “You can hire people who are going the free labor route.”

When Hayes pressed him further, Bowman said, “I don’t think it’s a great strategy for an employer, because if you are going into a new market and you need to recruit people that aren’t going to have the skills that you have, then you are creating a huge risk for yourself.”

Bowman is a founder of Bowman Consultants, a consulting firm that has been working on recruiting and hiring tech talent for more than 10 years.

According to a December 2017 Bloomberg article, Bower’s consulting firm’s clients include Apple, Uber, Spotify, and others.

The company’s website says that Bowman has consulted on more than 5,000 candidates for its top consulting positions and that he has helped hundreds of employees across the globe with their job search.

In 2017, Bowerman also launched a new startup, Bowmen Ventures, which was recently acquired by a private equity firm.

He previously served as CEO of the online dating website Plenty of Fish.

Bowmans LinkedIn page indicates that he joined Bowmans in 2011.

According in the LinkedIn profile, Bowmans work at Bowmans “was originally focused on technology development, but has expanded to include data visualization, product development, and consulting.”

Bowmans wife, Jessica, also joined the firm in 2012.

She also left in 2017.