How to cope with an angry Juventus fan

Juventus have been criticised for their treatment of a fan who was left upset after being sent off during their 2-1 defeat to Sampdoria.

Read moreThe fan, identified only as John, was left furious after being seen running on the pitch after the defeat at the Stadio San Paolo on Friday.

“They told him he’d have to take a shower and had to go to the dressing room,” the fan told La Repubblica.

“It was unbelievable.

It was like a bad nightmare, he was in pain.

I saw his face, I saw blood.”

The player was left on the field for more than 15 minutes before being taken to hospital for observation and then taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a cut on his hand.

“I didn’t see it but I saw it in the corner of my eye,” John said.

“There was a huge hole and blood was dripping from the cut.”

John said he went into shock after being left on ice, with blood splattering on the floor and a huge bruise on his face.

“The pain in my arm was unbelievable, it was like I was in a bad dream,” he said.

The fan was later told that he had to take part in an ice bath and given a saline spray to help him recover.

“We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes,” he added.

“If the player goes to hospital with a wound he won’t be able to play.

It’s just a shame because he’s a legend of the game.”

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