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‘Deadpool’ director Scott Eastwood and ‘The Boss’ producer Joe Manganiello are eyeing ‘Punk Rock’ sequel

A “Deadpool” sequel is a possibility, and we might just see it in the near future.

A “Punk” sequel has long been rumored, with director Scott Westwood and screenwriter Joe Mangiello both having expressed interest in working on a follow-up to their 2016 smash hit.

Both “Dead,” which grossed more than $1 billion worldwide and “The Boss,” a horror film about a former gangster turned rock star, have seen multiple directors attached to their respective movies.

We also have “The Expendables” director James Wan attached to direct a follow up to “The Lone Ranger.”

Westwood, however, isn’t the only filmmaker looking to tackle a “Punks” sequel.

Pa-head Marc Webb is also in talks to direct an “Eyes Wide Shut” sequel, and he’s even been tapped to direct “The Raid: Redemption,” a film about the 2016 Boston Marathon bombing.

And in the case of “The Kid” director Ryan Coogler, he’s in talks with “Dead” director Michael Mann to direct the “The Mummy” sequel and “Babylon 5.”

But it’s a lot of names for so few projects.

“Dead-ish” is a concept that Westwood has been talking about since he wrote the original “Punch-Out” in 2003.

He first pitched the idea to Mangiells and Westwood in 2011, when Westwood was still the head of Marvel Studios.

That was after “Deadfall” was already out and West was just beginning to put together his first feature film.

“I wrote to the producers and said, ‘Look, if you guys want to do a sequel to ‘Punch Out’ … you know, I have a lot more material in my head,'” Westwood told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015.

“You guys have a few years and a lot to do.

I’d love to work with you guys.

I love what you guys are doing.

I don’t know if there’s any way you guys would want to make a sequel.

But I do think there’s a good chance we could do it.

So I wanted to hear back.”

The original “Dead Out” movie has since become a huge hit, grossing more than a billion dollars worldwide and selling more than 100 million copies worldwide.

“Punisher” director Scott Shane (who was previously attached to “Parks and Recreation”) also pitched the sequel idea to “Deadman,” but the project never materialized.

“The Deadman” movie also failed to make the final cut for Sony Pictures Classics.

“It was one of those films where we didn’t get a great script,” Westwood said of the original.

“And so we kind of went into the studio and wrote our script and were like, ‘Okay, let’s go ahead and do this.'”

That script was “The Godfather,” which was based on a script that West and co-writer Frank Miller pitched back in 2000.

“They were like this is the movie, it’s the best thing since sliced bread,” West told The New York Times in 2016.

“This is the perfect script for the next chapter of ‘The Godmother,’ which is the same thing.

“PUNISHMENT” was a very different story, and it had a much more serious tone and a much darker tone. “

That script was ‘Punishment,’ which was a script we pitched to Marvel to do it as a sequel.”

“PUNISHMENT” was a very different story, and it had a much more serious tone and a much darker tone.

“We’re talking about an idea that is very much of the ’80s.

It has a much less adult sensibility, much less serious tone,” West said.

“There was never a discussion of making a sequel, but there was a conversation of making the next ‘Punks.'”

“Puns,” as West refers to the film, was set to be released in the summer of 2020, but that was later changed to the summer in 2018.

“So it was the summer and it was in 2020, so it’s going to be in 2020,” West continued.

“But I don’ think that’s what was on the table at all.

We had a long-term goal of making it a sequel and making it better.

We’re trying to do what we can do and get it out as soon as possible.” “

In a way, we have a really good script for it, which we wrote with a great writer and a great director in Joe Mangiallo and Joe Mangiagney and Ryan Coogan and myself and all of the others.

We’re trying to do what we can do and get it out as soon as possible.”

West’s “Deadout” was directed by John Logan, who has since gone on to direct films like “The Last King of Scotland” and “Tiger Woods PGA Tour Championship Golf.”

“Dead and Puns” also has been attached to be